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Travel Alert: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update


Dear Valued Client,

Over the past few weeks, our phones have been ringing non-stop and our email inboxes have overflowed! We could not be more proud of how the Boca Raton Travel & Cruises team continues to navigate this very uncertain and unprecedented time. Our advisors are empathetic, thoughtful, compassionate, strong, creative, persistent, and very organized. We know in our hearts that being advocates for our clients and doing the right thing not only builds trust and loyalty, but is the only way to prevail when roadblocks such as COVID-19 arise. In our 60+ years of business, we have witnessed many highs and lows, and while each one was unique, the one constant has been our ability to learn from each experience. I truly believe that these challenges have made us a better company. THANK YOU to our dream team of advisors, support directors, and executives!

With our team in high spirits, we are ready to help wherever we can, despite the long hours, because we feel privileged to serve the absolute best clients imaginable. We would sincerely like to thank you for being as understanding and trusting as you’ve been when seeking our guidance. We firmly believe that travel inspires us to bigger and better things, and we hope to help you continue to be inspired through travel, no matter how far or near you go. THANK YOU to our amazing clients!

We would certainly be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the major reasons our team and clients can feel so confident in these trying times – the incredible support of our industry partners around the world. For every trip we design, we make sure to match the right client with the right local partner. These partners work tirelessly to ensure your experience in their country not only runs smoothly, but that you experience personalized and touching moments that will last a lifetime. Each one of our partners has gone above and beyond to make sure our clients receive the best care while in-country. For many of you who have had to reschedule your trips, we thank our partners for the flexible terms they have extended to you. We stand behind our partners, more than ever, as they continue to work tirelessly for us. THANK YOU to our outstanding partners!   

Travel may currently seem less accessible, and in some parts of the world that is true, but only for the moment! Remember that every restriction, directive or issue is only temporary. With that in mind, we encourage you to give some serious thought to future travel, knowing that our industry partners are working hard to provide the best offers, specials and discounts, so that when it’s time to travel once again, there will be opportunities to save dramatically. These discounts will continue to be rolled out by our partners, so if you’re not ready to book today, don’t worry. Just let your Boca Raton Travel & Cruises advisor know what we should look out for. We just might find that unbelievable value to make your dream trip a reality.



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